Saturday, October 27, 2007

La Laiterie at the Farmstead, Providence

This is one of the hot, up and coming places on the east side of Providence. Located in the cool, mellow Wayland Square area, La Laiterie ("the creamery") is a funky bistro with tight seating, lots of noise when busy (which it usually is), occasionally frazzled and harried servers but plenty of delicious food to choose from, especially the desserts. Very imaginative menu we thought (click here to download their menus).

Since La Laiterie is also part of the Farmstead cheese shop next door, naturally one is tempted to try one of the two cheese boards for an app. You can choose from either three or five cheeses ($12 and $18 respectively). All four of us thought the choices original and the listing of the cheeses imaginative, and so we opted for the three-cheese board. Sadly we were underwhelmed by the inadequate amount given, relative to the cost: barely two very small nibbles of each cheese.

Still, it's worth the trip and the bucks.

Check their website out for more information, you know, like directions.

(September 2007)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Been gone, but will be back

Thanks for bearing with me here -- but I've been on Paris since the third week of September and therefore out of the food loop in North America.

We will be settling in Providence, RI, the end of November and I hope to spend some quality time focusing on food in that very small big city.

Until then, a bientot!