Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loie Fuller's in Providence

My wife and I have been to Loie Fuller's restaurant a number of times over the years. Living close by on the west side it's been a source for drinks at the bar, an occasional dinner and one less-than-stellar brunch (some years ago, now).

Well, we returned recently for dinner and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

It was quiet with just a hint of Carla Bruni (how fitting) singing in the background, when we sat near the fire. The place is one of those truly rare gems in Providence: a French bistro that actually looks like one -- although it would be nice to see a picture of Loie Fuller hanging in a place of prominence.

The service was friendly and engaging without being cloyingly so -- a pleasant young woman whose answers to our questions and conversation hinted at a more interesting backstory.

The food was, in a word, delicious. Beginning with bread from Foremost bakery (they're out to topple Seven Stars, no doubt) we moved quickly to the Cajun Shrimp, which came in a sauce that called for more bread, much, much more. This was comfort food at it's finest.

 My wife had the veggie pot pie and I had the short ribs -- both dishes were well-prepared with just the right portions to get you back home on a winter's night. For dessert we opted for the Gateau Basque -- one of the few (maybe only?) place in the city you'll find Gateau Basque and it was just a delectable as each main course. We washed it all down with a French chardonnay by the glass.

Prices are reasonable and in line with other neighborhood eateries.

Parking is off-street right next door.