Saturday, January 26, 2008

Light fare in Providence: Pastiche and Olga's

This past week we went out in Providence for daytime dining -- checking out a couple of the more talked about places in the city for light fare.

Pastiche on Spruce street on Federal Hill is a great place for coffee and a pastry during the day, or dessert after dinner -- in fact they're open pretty much every evening until 11 p.m. The service was amiable, the fire in the fireplace warm and inviting and the food delicious. (We split a scrumptious fruit tart.)

Olga's on Point street serves a bit more lunch time food -- paninis, homemade pizzas, soups and sandwiches. The atmosphere here is significantly funkier than at Pastiche where one might find a more refined French feel I suppose. Olga's is full of hipsters and L. L. Bean types, aging hippies, young professionals yearning to be hip, in other words, another place where you can feel comfortable just supping coffee, reading the paper, spending some quality time with friends. Susan had the Tuna Melt and I had the Thai noodles. sound hip? Sound trendy? Who cares? It was deeeeelicious!