Thursday, June 21, 2012

The French Tarte

Just a a few of the latest mouth-watering pastries for recent customers from the hands of the French Tarte. . .

Pain au chocolat

A mixed medley -

Lime sponge cake with mascarpone and mousseline cream and strawberry

Palmiers -

And a beautful fraisier -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Broadway Bistro and Tini's

Within the last week and a half we've returned (for the umpteenth time) to a couple of our favorite local eateries.

Broadway Bistro, on Broadways (surprise!)

Sauteed green beans with bacon -

Sweet potato croquettes -

Our standard ribs 'n grits - now this is comfort food!

Tini's on Washington Street downtown

Zucchini fries with basil and lemon -

Puree of country turnip (so sweet!) with "farmer pesto (made with kale) and drops of luscious olive oil -

Fresh pea and ricotta ravioli -

Bread gnocchi with rabbit -