Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olga's for lunch, Broadway Bistro and New Rivers for Dinner

Since the turn of the new year we've been to Olga's twice for lunch. It's located just a block from where I work in Providence, on the corner of Richmond and Point Streets, and a great place to meet up with Susie and family when they breeze through the city (like our niece Rachel did recently, along with her boyfriend Steve).

The sandwiches are delicious and always freshly made with Olga's incredible bread. The tortilla-corn soup we had recently, though, was a bit on the mediocre side but I'm eager to try their chili.

Broadway Bistro is always a favorite of ours and we enjoy Pat Lowney's scrumptious comfort food: his incredible short ribs n grits app is a meal until itself and a bargain, to be sure. He still lacks a solid wine list but what he does offer is OK -- and of course there are NO desserts.

Susie and I spent last Friday at New Rivers, celebrating my dad's 100th birthday. We were impressed by the newly remodeled space and found the use of glass on one side and mirrors on the other imaginative. Bruce's wine list is one of the best in the city with plenty of value to be found. We ordered a steak for my dad -- he was a very picky eater -- and toasted his memory, never forgetting that in a very real sense he started us on this particular part of our journey together.

Thanks pop!