Monday, November 7, 2011

Our A-list of places to eat in Providence

Providence is a food town -- a really big food town and there seems to be an endless places of eat. That's true, up to a point, for us at any rate. We seem to return to the same places again and again, always for the food first and foremost while service or ambiance typically figure prominently in our choices. Our perennial favorite is Pat Lowney's Broadway Bistro on Broadway (of course) in the west side. Whenever we want delicious comfort food: ribs 'n grits, incredible Brussels Sprouts (in season) or fishcakes or . . ., we never have to think twice about where to go. Whenever we want to just sit and relax over a crisp white or supple red wine, we know where to go.

Broadway Bistro. It's the closet thing to eating in someone's home you're likely to find in a city dominated by the food culture. No pretentiousness, no fancy service, you walk in, peek across the pass-through into the kitchen slide up to the bar or grab an intimate table with a window onto Broadway and you're set for the evening.

Next on our A-list is New Rivers steered quietly, carefully and wonderfully by the dynamic duo of food: Bruce Tillinghast and Beau Vestal. Incredible food and a fantastic wine list (ask Bruce for suggestions).

Next in line -- if such a thing as sating one's hunger for great food at a decent price can be somehow quantified and ordered like so many pieces of furniture -- anyway, our next choices would be:

Chez Pascal
Cook and Brown
Derek Wagner's Nick's On Broadway (that street again)
Al Forno
Iron Wok
Fellini's Pizza (Wickendon Street) tied with Bob & Timmy's Pizza (Spruce Street)