Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nick's on Broadway - March 14 2013

Even though it's been less than three weeks, Susie and I and two friends headed over to Nick's the other evening after a stop at Bin 312 for their weekly Thursday wine tasting. Even though it was early in the evening, not long after we sat down the place filled up with friends, couples and everything in between to enjoy warm conversation, great food and pleasant service. And so we did.

A litte amuse buche of pureed beet soup with local creram cheese:

The four of us shared the charcuterie plate as an app. Consisting of a variety of house-made pates, head cheeses, a rilette and condiments it was a thoroughly grand way to kick off a delicious evening:

Andrea had the roasted Narragansett Bay oysters:

Susie had local herb-roasted potatoes with bacon and pea greens (she also had the salad of baby greens lettuces):

I had the Baffoni Farm chicken on a bed of roasted potatoes and pea greens:

And for dessert we had a light sampling of a Spice Cake Truffle and Fruit:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bin 312 Wine Shop -- Tastings every Thursday!

This was our second experience with the Thursday afternoon wine tastings at Bin 312 and it was another winner.

Last week it was wines from the Veneto, this week wines to go with Corned Beef.

Leading off with a sauvignon blanc from Matanzas Creek in California followed up with a delicious Hugel from the Alsace and then a Pinot from California and lastly a blend from the Languedoc. (We didn't opt for the beer chaser.)

The wines were very nice and the reds went quite well with the app of corned beef with dijon mustard, caramelized onion and a hint of cheese on toast points.

Monday, March 11, 2013


During a day trip to The Big Apple a couple of Sundays back, we ate an early dinner at ESCA near the Port Authority. The front of the house treated us with kindness, were attentive and very helpful with the menu and the wines as well. But the lack of imagination of the food presentation was outmatched by the absence of anything creative in the back of the house.

 Oh, and it's expensive, too.

Burrata with sea anchovies:

Monkfish tail:

Clams with pancetta topped by ritz crackers:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nick's on Broadway

The other night we returned to Nick's on Broadway.

amuse bouche, choux puff
Joined by friends Andrea, Barbara and John we sat for an early dinner at one of the West Side's favorite eateries; and only four blocks from our house it's certainly one of ours. From chef-owner Derek Wagner down to the bustling service staff, it's hard to find fault with Nick's. The food is delicious -- just check out the photos -- and our server Krissy (or Chrissy or Chrissie?) was pleasantly friendly without being intimate and her knowledge of the wines and their relationship to the menu was truly amazing.

amuse bouche, puree of white bean
And it's a comfort, frankly, to support so many local producers while enjoying such a delectable meal: Point Judith monkfish for Susie, Barbara and John, Point Judith flounder for me and Blackbird Farm beef for Andrea; and several of us had the gnocchi with Blackbird Farm beef ragout.

Derek, like a number of chefs in Providence -- although by no means all -- is a man clearly determined to support local resources; and yet his his prices are really no different, and in some cases better, than many other city restaurants.  Go figure.

Lastly, it's a rare day when Derek is not there behind the counter working in that wonderful open kitchen space. Next time you go just tell him Steve and Susan said hi!

house gnocchi with Blackbird Farm beef ragout
Salad of Baby Greens Farm lettuces with, pickled cranberries, fresh citrus, radishes, Great Hill Dairy blue cheese
Point Judith Funder over mustard greens and potato-fennel cakes
Char-grilled Blackbird Farm beef, creamed lentils, barley, mushrooms, Port wine-peppercorn jus
Point Judith Monkfish over pumpkin-parmesan  risotto